Property Tax Rates

Localities set tax rates based on the assessed value of your property at the rates below:

0.95 – Charlottesville City

0.819 – Albemarle County

0.75 – Greene County

0.804 – Orange County

0.899 – Fluvanna County

0.68 – Louisa County

0.72 – Nelson County

Note: these tax rates are all based on $100.00 of real estate assessment. For example, if your home is assessed for $250,000, then your property taxes are:

250000/100 x tax rate = annual taxes.

Assessors Pages:

Charlottesville City

Albemarle County

Greene County

Orange County

Fluvanna County

Louisa County

Nelson County

Paul has served on the City of Charlottesville’s Board of Equalization for the past four years, applying his market knowledge to help hear assessment appeals. If you have any questions regarding your assessment, feel free to contact him at